If you are looking for an engineer, landscape architect, pool designer, artist, interior designer/decorator, a wrought iron designer, kitchen and bath designer, or an architectural renderer, here is a list of local businesses we have worked with.


Scott Monroe 404-445-9488
Neal Spradlin 770-502-9748

Landscape Architects

Scott Colomb 770-309-7062 www.scottcolomb.com
Dennis Drewyer 770-328-3222  
Bill Lincecombe 404-667-9803  
Don Hooten 404-373-9816  

Landscape Design

David Hollingsworth 770-461-4899  

Pool Design

Boscoe’s Pools
(Jeff Holloway)
770-251-4758 www.boscoespools.com


Martin Pate   www.pateart.com
David Boyd, Jr.   www.davidboydjr.com
Melissa Crawford   www.melissacrawfordart.com

Interior Decorators & Designers

Ruthi Endicott 770-251-3247  
Tara Hutchens 706-464-5415  
Panoply Interiors 770-251-4557  
Hope Vanzant 770-712-6152  

Wrought Ironwork

Stanley Welding 770-253-1448  
Dan T’s Inferno 770-253-8396  

Kitchen & Bath Design

Lee Lewis Cabinets 404-395-0058  
Hope Vanzant 770-712-6152  

Architectural Renderings

Cindy Cox 404-355-1870  
Rod Dent 850-301-9694 www.rod-dent.com
Greg Holzhauer 770-649-0503